Royal Ultra 865M 5% Moly Grease

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We just love this stuff!  It's thick, its long lasting and it really works well with all of our parts.  

Royal Ultra 865M Grease has been carefully formulated using high viscosity base oil and overbased calcium sulfonate complex thickener system fortified with Moly and special additives providing this grease an outstanding Extreme Pressure properties, exhibiting excellent water repellency, oxidation resistance, and a wide operating temperature range.

Royal Ultra 865M Grease is formulated with an innovative and synergistic combination of solid lubricants which physically adhere to the metal surfaces and form a strong protective film, preventing welding and reduce friction even under the most severe operating conditions such as very heavy and shock loads.

Royal Ultra 865M Grease meets and exceeds the demanding automotive and industrial testing requirements of ASTM D 4950, earning it the GC-LB classification by the National Lubricating Grease Institute. This grease also meets Caterpillar CAT 5% moly requirements.

• Calcium sulfonate base with Moly

• High viscosity base oil

• Water Resistant

• Outstanding Extreme Pressure properties

• Wide temperature operability

• Superb rust protection properties

• Extended service life of equipment

• Excellent performance under heavy and shock loads

• Extraordinary performance at high and low temperatures

• Protects equipment from rusting under humid and water ingress conditions

APPLICATIONS: Royal Ultra 865M Grease is an obvious choice for virtually any multi-purpose or severe extreme pressure application, particularly where the end user prefers a Moly fortified grease. It is recommended for the most severe applications in off-highway construction, mining equipment, earth moving machines, Caterpillar equipment, as well as other heavy-duty construction and mining equipment moving at slow to medium speed .

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